Sydney is a great place to ride a bicycle.

Unfortunately our State Government is intent on enacting policies that create major barriers to participation. They have failed to provide proper cycling infrastructure (destroying existing cycleways, failing to provide promised alternatives and building flawed and incomplete new segments) and have proposed a series of unnecessary and draconian measures targeting cyclists (mandatory ID laws and 350% increases to fines for offences which do not exist anywhere else in the world), all the while perpetuating a thoroughly negative narrative about the desirability of cycling as a means of transport and the behaviour of people who cycle which not only does not reflect reality but actually threatens to undermine our safety and enjoyment of riding our bikes in our city.

We are people who love this city and love to cycle in it. We also have a vision of Sydney as an exemplary contemporary city which prioritises active and sustainable forms of transport. We know we could be doing so much better and we are willing to push back when that vision is threatened by misguided and short-sighted Government policies.


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